Service, Innovation, Quality.
When starting Meta-e, we made a deliberate decision to base everything we do on three core principles: Service, Innovation, and Quality.
Above all, Service.  Many describe the discovery sector as a commoditized, widget-based industry where there is little difference from vendor to vendor and the market should be driven by price alone.  We strongly disagree.  When we partner with our clients, we start with early project consulting and continue up to and through trial, providing court-tested strategies and the highest level of service,  anticipating your needs, and making each encounter meaningful and productive.  
Innovation is the heart of what we do.  We have grown up in this space.  We have worked when there was no meaningful email, and paper ruled the discovery process.  We were there when early databases were built and imaging all that paper became accepted practice.  And we were there when the data deluge began.  The discovery service sector has struggled to keep up.  We believe it is time to get ahead of the data, ahead of the issues with capture, collection, review, production, depositions, and trial.  We are committed to continue to innovate new solutions to make this process faster, more rich in content harvesting and much less expensive.  
Quality rules them all.  We won't do anything unless we can do it well.  "Managing expectations" is not our goal - we want to exceed them every time. Every project is led by a leading industry-expert from the leadership team, ensuring high-caliber advising and sharing of best practices from over 50 years of combined work for both defense and plaintiff firms in Federal and State courts.  
Everything we do, on every engagement, is based on these principles.  And as we grow, we will  maintain these high expectations and aspirations so that our clients will always know they can expect the best from us.